Terms & Conditions

    I hereby authorize Neptune Fabric to debit the following credit card for the said amount as payment for this order. I understand that all sales are final and the sales order cannot be adjusted immediately upon payment. By submitting this form, I hereby accept the charges and relinquish any future dispute for the services rendered.
    Upon delivery, the recipient or representative of the recipient must inspect all goods; confirming that items are received in acceptable condition. If items are damaged or defective in any way, please reject & send back with the carrier. Damaged/defective items that are not rejected at time of delivery will not be eligible for exchange/replacement. Neptune Fabric is not liable for damage found after delivery. If items are crated, receiver is responsible for opening/disposing of crates.
  3. PICK-UP
    Upon pick-up, the recipient or representative of the recipient must inspect all goods; confirming that items are in acceptable condition.
    All orders must be paid in full before any goods are released . Refunds of any kind, partial or otherwise, are not permitted. In the event of a payment overage, overage will be issued in the form of store credit only.
    All sales are final. No exchanges or cancellations will be permitted immediately upon receipt of payment.
  6. LEAD TIME(S) / ETA(S)
    Any/all given lead times are approximations and in no way indicative of a guarantee. Lead times can be unpredictable and are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Neptune Fabrics will not provide refunds/exchanges/cancellations because of extended or missed lead times/ETAs.
    All prices are in US dollars and are subject to applicable taxes according to state and local laws. Availability, prices, and delivery rates are subject to change.

Neptune Fabrics reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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